From Fat To Fit - The Top Health And Fitness Blogs

From Fat To Fit - The Top Health And Fitness Blogs

by Darren Round on Oct 07, 2014

It’s common for people to put on weight over winter. It’s cold, dark, and more often than not it’s also wet. But now that spring is here, it’s time to hit the gym and start getting ready for summer. Need some inspiration? Check out our recommendations for the best health and fitness blogs for 2014.



If you’re looking for fresh ideas on how to jazz up your workout or fine tune your diet, Popsugar is a great place to start. It’s one you really want to have in your Facebook feed, because there’s nothing like a constant flow of fresh articles on healthy living, celebrity fitness, weight loss, yoga, and recipes to remind you of your long-term goals. We recommend you check out one of their recent posts on how to kick-start your day with a healthy breakfast.


Woman Incredible

Home of the 7-day Skinny Jeans Challenge, Kat Loterzo’s blog is all about helping women achieve their dream bodies. The blog’s main focus seems to be looking hot at all costs, but when you dig a little deeper and read the customer reviews you’ll discover that Kat is more concerned about what is holding you back from achieving that dream body. Psychotherapy may not sell as well as looking hot, but it’s usually the best place to start.


Jungle Body

Think you’ve tried every group fitness class out there? Jungle Body, an Australian-based fitness company, have created a series of innovative classes designed to add some fun to your regular workout schedule. Think you can handle KONGA, a wild mash-up of boxing, dance, cardio, and toning? Perhaps JAGUA, a fusion of intense pilates, musical yoga, and dance is more what you’re looking for. VYPA is a cross between boxing, MMA and serious cardio, while TYGA will give you a Hip Hop & Dancehall inspired workout. Not into group fitness? Don’t worry, everyone can do their shopping trolley analysis.


Australian Healthy Food Guide

This is the blog of the Australian Healthy Food Guide publication. You can’t believe everything you read on the Internet, but if you want up-to-date information on healthy eating from some of Australia’s leading dietitians, this is the place to find it. The home page will give you teasers for articles in the current publication, but take advantage of the search facility on this blog. They have some solid articles in their archives and you can test your own knowledge  of nutrition.



Ready for some hard-core fitness? AGOGA (pronounced ah-go-jyah) was the Spartan word for the education and training regimen of warrior class citizens. You can attend the AGOGA classes in their small personalised training gym in Bondi, but if you’re just after the education then their blog is inspirational. With running season in full swing, have a look at their post onweights and running.


Fitness in the City

Another inspiring blog with healthy recipes you’ll want to try and an active lifestyle you’ll want to follow. Your host is Master Trainer and Health Coach, Lee Sutherland with the occasional guest post from other bloggers. Goal for the day: find out what ablissologist is.


Australian Institute of Personal Trainers

Personal training may be doing what you love, but it also means spending your day looking after the needs of others. Remember to schedule in time to nourish your need for knowledge, and to find some fresh ideas for yourself and your clients. The blog of the Australian Institute of Personal Trainers is a valuable resource for trainers and fitness enthusiasts to help you keep up with the latest trends and on top of the game. Take a refresher on the importance of core exercises, or on the precautions you should take when working with special populations.


Justine Switalla

Health and fitness ambassador and model Justine Switalla runs a great blog on her website. She’s recently given birth, so expect a few mommy-blogger style posts for a while. For anyone wanting to get back into shape after pregnancy, Juzzy’s blog might be exactly what you need right now.


My Mind Coach

As far as authenticity goes, you can’t go past someone who has already been through the weight loss journey. Kylie Ryan lost 20kg in three months, and has kept it off for 10 years. Her secret was neurolinguistic programming, and she is dedicated to sharing her jedi skills with others to help them lose weight. Bookmark this blog for when you’re ready to address the issues that are holding you back from achieving your goal weight.


Weight Loss Transformations Before and After

Need some inspiration or a pat on the back? This site is dedicated to before and after weight loss shots. Whether you’re just beginning your transformation, halfway, or at the end of a long journey, looking at before and after shots can be inspiring. When change seems impossible, see the proof that people just like you can achieve their goals. You can also inspire others by submitting your shots.


Healthy Lucky

Healthy Lucky is the creation of a 22 year-old Canadian wanting to lose weight. It’s mostly a pictorial site where you’ll find exercise gifs, great pictures of food, and some images that motivate her. She’s curated some great tips for weight loss, which would be perfect to upload as a screensaver on your phone to keep you from breaking your diet while eating out.


Get your Fitspiration

There’s a lot of inspiration to be sourced from this pictorial blog. The photos may make you ask what a healthy weight for you is, so you can calculate it and then achieve it with this great collection of workouts.


Skinny Hollie

When you’re done looking at all the inspiration pictures of how you could look, be reminded of the everyday struggles that other people are making with weight. The endearing quality about Hollie’s blog is her honesty. Obese for most of her life, a plane trip to New York is highlighted by being able to fit her skinnier body into a seatbelt without an extender and fitting into the tiny restroom cubicle. #Winning


Fat Fit Fabulous

This blog follows the story of a 19 year-old from Perth who was shocked into losing weight when she didn’t recognise herself in a photo. The short story is in her FAQ section, but the long story is in her diary of photos recording her muscle-sparing weight loss from 120kg down to a very fit looking figure.


Sally Symonds

Dropping from size 24 to size 6 is no mean feat, and nor is maintaining that weight loss for 10 years. With an understanding of what it’s like not to enjoy exercising or eating healthy food, Sally Symonds’s blog offers valuable insights on how to help obese clients achieve long-lasting results. Her goal is to offer practical solutions to everyday problems, addressing both the physical and psychological barriers to weight loss. Sally encourages small changes to everyday routines to promote weight loss.


Shauna Reid

Shauna Reid is an Australian writer made famous by her book The Amazing Adventures of Diet Girl, and for her part in creating Up & Running. While you’re checking out her blog, a mix of pop culture and everything fit and healthy, have a look at the Up & Running site, too. Up & Running is a series of kickass running e-classes for women.


Her Weight Loss Diary

Weight loss isn’t easy, there will be successes and failures. Whenever you think you’re about to fall off the wagon, or when the wagon is hurtling your way and is about to crush you, read one of their posts. Here’s a good one to encourage you, or one you could send to someone else who needs it.


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