Garmin Vivofit V Vivosmart Activity Monitors

Garmin Vivofit V Vivosmart Activity Monitors

by Darren Round on Oct 07, 2014

If you’ve been a part of the wearables revolution over the last year you probably already know the name Garmin. In this article we’re going to take a look at both their Vivofit and the new Vivosmart model, and focusing on what they do and the primary differences between them. While the Vivofit has been making waves for the last year or so, the Vivosmart is a whole new ballgame.

The Groundbreaking Garmin Vivofit

The wrist has taken on some serious popularity over the last few years. Wearables have become the futuristic “watches” that sci-fi writers and enthusiasts used to dream about. A Vivofit is a wireless activity tracker in the form of a savvy wristband that’s designed to help modern folks get more active. Furthermore, it’s an example of how smart technology is being used to elevate the mind-body connection and combat sedentary behavior.

While we could use the word, “basic” to describe this model, it’s not basic or simple at all. In reality the Vivofit is an incredibly sophisticated piece of 21st century innovation. It’s only basic when compared to their newest model with all the extra benefits and features.

The Vivofit does a number of astounding things! Like, tracking all kinds of activity, monitoring sleep, it’s capable of keeping tabs on your heart rate (for metabolic reasons) and you can connect to Garmin’s website that’s stuffed with neat ways to chart your progress and smoothly move to a healthier you; water resistant, light-up alerts…the works! That’s only the beginning really. It makes fitness intuitive. For a more in-depth look you can visit this product information page with the litany of particulars.

A Nudge Forward: Introducing the New Garmin Vivosmart

Now, the Vivosmart has everything the Vivofit offers along with a long list of extra/enhanced benefits, incluuding two wristband sizes, that make it an even more valuable life-accessory. Here’s the primary added features:

  • Auto Sync: This means that the Vivosmart can automatically sync with other mobile and smart devices of your choice and transfer all your fitness information with a few taps of your finger.

  • Smart Notifications: The Vivosmart is a mini wearable personal trainer on your wrist that you can interact and engage with. You can tell it to notify you when your Bluetooth compatible device receives a call, an email lands in your inbox or you’ve received a text. One little tap and it appears then simply swipe to dig deeper!

  • Vibration Alerts: What good are notifications if you don’t know you’re getting them? Smart notifications with gentle vibration alerts mean you stay aware, focused, and committed to fitness and activity goals. For example, you could get a nudge if you’ve been sitting behind the screen too long or someone got back to your message.

  • Touchscreen: It may be a rather small screen (3.44 cm x 0.35 cm), but it’s enough and that’s what’s important. Tap to see results on the invisible display that lights up and lets you interact with the information.

  • OLED Display: It shines just enough without being too bright so others notice it. You see the information; not everyone else around you who knows what you’re wearing.

  • Battery: With the Vivofit you’ll eventually need to replace the two “coin cells” that are designed to last at least a year. The Vivosmart comes with a rechargeable lithium battery that packs a battery life of up to 7 consecutive days!

  • Music Control: The Vivofit doesn’t come with this option. By going for or upgrading to the Vivosmart you can control what tunes are playing in the backdrop of your life.

  • Find My Phone: The Vivosmart also provides you with the ability to track your phone, but neither model comes GPS-enabled.

Those are the big-deal-differences between the two models and it really shows you what a huge stride Garmin has taken in the last year. You can be the first to have a Vivosmart in Australia by pre ordering here They'll be released in Australia in early October!


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