How To Create An Effective Home Gym With No Room To Spare

How To Create An Effective Home Gym With No Room To Spare

by Darren Round on Jun 03, 2014

Right, so, it’s time to come to terms with what it’s going to take to sport an effective home gym without access to tons of modern exercise equipment or a local club. Even if all you’ve got is a cramped studio apartment with roughly 3 square feet of clean floor-space, there’s basically three options and the good news is that all of them are super-cheap!

Hey, no one said fitness has to be expensive. It really doesn’t (except with it comes to mass building and grocery/protein bills). Think about it, how do men and women walk out of 6 months solitary confinement in a tiny cell looking like a professionally trained MMA fighter? Ever heard how Pilates was created? Let’s get to it!

Option #1: A Barbell, Set of Dumbbells and a Resistance Band


Those three things are really all you need to target your entire musculature. If all you want to do is stay lean, burn lots of calories and maintain a proportionate amount of lean mass then this triad will be everything you need it to be.

Sure, you can invest in sets of barbells and dumbbells, but you only need one of both and a single resistance band. In terms of weights, here’s a rule of thumb: the barbell should be a moderate to heavy weight (for lower rep counts) and the dumbbells should be on the lighter side (for much higher rep counts – strength endurance). The resistance band should be either light gauge for most women or moderate to heavy for men.

Option #2: Turn Your Body into a Metabolic Gauntlet

You don’t actually need any other fitness equipment or home gym equipment than what your body freely supplies. Then it helps to have enough space so you can perform exercises like burpees, pushups, core exercises, squat-jumps, lunges, jump roping, planks, etc. I mean no one really knows what all can be done with gravity, leverage and the human body.

Heard of Yoga? So it basically comes down to how much energy you expend in a given period of time and how much rest you allow yourself. If you drew a circle around yourself in your living room and did 20 pushups, then went directly into 20 burpees with tuck-jumps and then did planks for 3-5 minutes solid…you get the point. You’ll be sweating buckets!

Option #3:  Just one single, simply effective fitness tool

For those of you thinking that having dumbbells and a barbell is still an impractical option, there is another way! A very clever Finnish company has created a tool that weighs in at a meagre 400g and is the size of a broom handle, yet can offer you the movements and resistance of dumbbells, barbells and bands combined! I know, you’re thinking… “You can’t be serious! That sounds confusing and complicated” Not at all! The Gymstick is a great way to work on strength, endurance, posture, core and balance all at once! For around $110 you can have this piece of equipment which safe for any age or fitness level that can be stored easily and used anywhere.

Option #4:  Put it All Together

How many dumbbell exercises are there, hundreds? There isn’t as many barbell exercises, but squat thrusters are hard! Then you’ve got your versatile and travel-friendly Gymstick or exercise band handy. And hey, let’s say you decided to spend $35 on aswiss ball as well. Now, combine all that exercise potential with what you can put your body through without anything else!

These are the types of really effective fitness equipment to have around when money is short, space is limited and suddenly gym memberships become a luxury. See, it’s easy to sport a fabulous gym for less than $200! Then it all comes down to your creativity with exercise routines and eating habits.


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