I Feel The Need... The Need For Speed (Ladder)

I Feel The Need... The Need For Speed (Ladder)

by Darren Round on Jul 15, 2014

I feel the need… the need for speed (ladder)

How about changing up your gym workout regime and trying some sports drills to give your body that shock to get it over a training plateau! All you need is some space, try your garden or a park and an agility speed ladder.

Being able to move and change direction quickly, jumping and sprinting are not only skills that most sporting teams and athletes look to develop, but are also great for cross fit, running, cycling and any other activity where speed and coordination are required.  Most sports look for players who are quick on their feet and able to dodge and immediately sprint in the opposite direction when required. Another important factor is this can be lots of fun!

The agility ladder is a piece of fitness equipment that can be used creatively to make numerous drills and exercises focussing on speed and coordination. Agility ladders are light, portable, affordable and easy way to train for many sports. The drills are appropriate for all ages so can also be used in developing speed skills with kids.

We have put together a few examples of how you can use a speed ladder below but if you wold like more ideas we recommend checking out something like the FitDeck Speed Ladder pack which provides 20 different workouts.

Drill one – basic hopscotch

  • Begin with feet together, jump off and land on one foot in the next space between the rungs.

  • Jump off from that single leg and land with both feet together in the next gap.

  • Repeat – alternating the single leg you land on until you reach the end of the ladder.

  • Sprint back to the start.

Drill two -  Jump speed

  • Begin with feet together, jump off and land with feet wide of the ladder

  • Immediately jump feet together in the next space.

  • Alternate between landing inside and outside the ladder.

  • Return to the start with a high knee jog, landing alternate foot in each space in the ladder.

Drill three – Quick thinking feet

  • Start with both feet outwith the ladder to the left side.

  • Land your left foot in the first space in the ladder.

  • Your right foot then land outside of the ladder on the right hand side, followed by your left foot in a 1-2-3 action.

  • Repeat starting with the right foot.

Best to begin a bit slower with the until you get the rhythm and then work on increasing the speed

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