Must Do Marathon Bucket List

Must Do Marathon Bucket List

by Darren Round on Aug 26, 2014

So you’ve conquered or gotten used to all the marathons around you locally and you want to branch out. It’s time to become an international jogger and experience different exotic parts of the world on foot. Let’s start filling up that marathon bucket list then shall we!

Item #1: The Great Wall Marathon, Tianjin, China

While this other-worldly experience is at the top of our list, it's one of the hardest due to the fact it takes even experienced marathoners 50% longer to complete. Why? Well, Google the Great Wall of China and you’ll see it’s chalk-full of twists, turns, and steep ups and downs. Don’t worry, you’ve got 8 hours to get as far as you can or complete it. Expect to see a timeless perspective of Asia as you progress from the village of Huangyaguan.

Item #2: The Big Five Marathon, Limpopo, South Africa

Item #3: The Athens Classic Marathon, Greece

Get this, the marathon starts in the ancient Greek town of...Marathon. What does that tell you? Just imagine how many mighty heroes, soldiers, gladiators, Greek Gods and Demigods have taken on this Aegean-style challenge! You start in the small town of Marathon which is named after an ancient battlefield and journey to Athens and the Panathenaic Stadium where the first modern Olympic Games were held back in 1896. Get ready to trace some pretty magnificent steps!

Item #4: The Raggae Run, Jamaica

Oh man, now this is an experience that’s hard to really put into words. Did you know that the world’s fastest runner, Usain Bolt, comes from Jamaica? Running is a huge part of the culture, along with many other things. Just imagine running along the northern coast, along a route from Negril’s Bay to Blood Bay, surrounded by a celebratory atmosphere of Raggae music, DJs, steel drum bands, dancing and tropical green landscapes. Oh yeah, and it’s hot so the races begin nice and early in the morning.

Item #5: The Big Sur International Marathon, California, USA

The western coastline that stretches through California is home to a vast array of different routes, treks, trails and runs. But, the most challenging (and arguably the most scenically rewarding) is probably The Big Sur. Prepare for the Redwood Forest of Giants and an intimate eco-environment skirting the ocean that’s speckled with live entertainment throughout the run. If you want to go hardcore, opt to do the Boston 2 Big Sur Challenge which is two marathons in 6 days that are 3,000 miles apart! 

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