Resistance Band Vs Weight Training: Are They Really At Odds?

Resistance Band Vs Weight Training: Are They Really At Odds?

by Darren Round on Jul 29, 2014

There used to be a time when your typical gym was a rather balkanized place. Some people doing the free weights thing, others sticking to cardio equipment, other folks focusing on the resistance machines and then by the Yoga mats would be the functional training junkies getting sweaty with a resistance band or medicine ball.

However, these days more and more people are taking all of the above and creating their own custom regimens that incorporate a bit of everything. Perhaps one of the best marriages is a free weight circuit routine complimented by a resistance band. Or, a cardio session and a resistance band. In reality, a resistance band is one of the ultimate fitness accessories.

Continuous and Safe Metabolic Stimulation

A resistance band is deceptively effective. Meaning it seems so simple at first and there are no big weights or contraptions to fret about. For example, grab each of the handles, step on the band keeping your feet close together and then start doing alternating curls that cause you to experience a certain amount of resistance. As you widen your stance it gets harder, and harder and harder. And, resistance bands come in different gauges as well offering near endless shades of tension.

Will a conventional resistance band build muscle like weight training can? No, definitely not. But, what happens if you mix the two and then throw in some cardio? Imagine you’ve got three different dumbbell exercises to do with 3 sets each. That’s a solid workout. But, what happens if in between each of the nine sets you do a resistance band exercise?

  • It sustains muscular tension without overload.

  • It uses the same soft tissues without any risk of injury (joints, tendons and ligaments).

  • It keeps the metabolic fire burning while at the same time allowing your body to recharge for the next dumbbell set.

  • Throughout the entire workout it causes you to burn tons more calories and training tons more muscles.

  • You can do resistance band workouts anytime, and as much as you want.

  • You can work just about every single muscle in your body in interesting ways without as much impact or strain regardless of what you’re doing with the heavier weights.

Right? Now let’s take a look at why you need to invest in one for your home.

Every Home Deserves a Resistance Band

Okay, there’s really no excuse not to have a reliable resistance band. Light weight. Inexpensive. Easy to travel with. You can keep one in your desk at work. And again, you can do resistance band exercises just about anywhere with a few feet of room to spare. So no, weight training and resistance bands are definitely not at odds. They’re the perfect match!

Nope, they’re not just for elderly folks either. They can be just as beneficial to an Olympic athlete as they are for helping grandma deal with some of her joint pain. Go grab yourself a resistance band and start experimenting today! 

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