Swiss Ball Workout For Cyclists

Swiss Ball Workout For Cyclists

by Darren Round on Jul 08, 2014

Okay cycle-crazy fitness lovers out there, we’ve crafted and curated a Swiss ball workout just for you. The idea here is to pretty much hit your entire body in one comprehensive circuit routine, with special emphasis on your lumbo pelvic hip system.

Workout Details

What you’ve got here is a circuit of five Swiss ball exercises that’s meant to be done three times consecutively with 2 minute rest periods between them.

  • 3 circuits
  • 5 exercises
  • 15-25 reps
  • 2 minutes rest between circuits

No initial warm up period is required. You go from one exercise to the next until you finish the last rep of the 5th exercise, rest for two minutes, then start the circuit again. Each exercise calls for 15-25 reps. Besides your Swiss ball no other equipment is needed. Enjoy!  

Exercise #1: Jacknife Planks (Core)

You begin in traditional pushup position with your feet together and the ball keeping your lower body stable. Don’t bend your elbows but do engage and flex your core throughout the move. Bring your knees in slowly as far as you can without losing form. Bring it back out and that’s one rep. Remember, the smaller the amount of your feet/legs on the ball, the harder it becomes. Find a proprioceptive environment that challenges you but still allows for at least 15 reps per set.

Exercise #2: Ball Pushups (Chest)

Stay in the same position but now it’s time to do pushups. The further down towards your ankles the ball is during this exercise the harder it will be. As you bring the ball up towards the hips it gets easier on your chest, arms and core. Again, shoot for something that’s challenging but doesn’t sap all your energy in one set. 

Exercise #3: Dynamic Bridges (Back)

The ball is sitting slightly below your shoulder line supporting your chest, neck and head with your arms crossed or your hands are on your hips. Bend your knees and form as close to a perfectly flat bridge with your body as possible. Push your butt towards the floor and stop a few inches short. Bring your body back up to the bridge and that’s one rep.

Exercise #4: One-Leg Lunges (Legs)

You’re standing in front of the ball with one leg resting on the top of it. It should be below your shin and capable of supporting you when you bend the other leg into a lunge. The motion should be fluid and controlled. For this set you need to do 15-25 reps per leg.

Exercise #5: Reverse Leg Curls (Legs)

Lie down on the floor on your back. The ball should be under your ankle supporting not much else but your feet. Put your hands out at an angle for added support and bring the ball in towards your ball as the bottoms of your feet roll flat onto the ball. You should keep your back straight throughout the movement so there isn’t any excess pressure places on your lower spine. 



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    Swiss Ball Workout For Cyclists – Ready Set Go Fitness


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