The Essential List Of Free Fitness Apps

The Essential List Of Free Fitness Apps

by Darren Round on Nov 17, 2014

Are you looking for an app that encourages you to exercise or to track your progress? These top 15 apps have a range of options suited from the amateur through to the hard-core, fitness fanatic.

  • Swap It Don't Stop ItThis app was developed by the Australian Government to encourage a healthier lifestyle. Users can access local fitness groups, learn how to make healthier eating choices, and count calories. This app also allows people to track their fitness progress, set exercise alerts, and encourages more frequent exercise.
  • Fitness BuilderThis app is perfect for all levels of fitness. Whether you want to just tone up a little more or are just beginning the fitness journey, this app allows you to contact a personal trainer for advice and has access to over 5,600 different types of exercise videos, pictures, and tutorials.
  • Sit Ups Pro (Android): Free for both Android and iPhone users, these apps will help build a 6 pack that will be the envy of the gym. Both allow users to track their progress and motivates by working towards a numerical goal.
  • iMapMyRunThis is one of the best applications for people who run, as it not only records the distance travelled and the amount of calories burnt, but it can also find new running tracks through the GPS and help search for an exercise buddy. An extra feature includes advice on what foods to eat before and after running to maximise exercise benefits.
  • Nike BoomIf you like working out to your own music, this fitness app is for you. Users have access to a range of different 60 minute workouts under the guidance of their own personal trainer to help achieve a lean and toned body.
  • iStepLogThis is a very basic fitness application that tracks how many steps a person is doing throughout the day. Similar to a mini pedometer, iStepLog is a good way to gauge how much extra movement a person does between workout sessions.
  • Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker by My Fitness Pal: Not only does this app have a food diary, calorie counter and fitness tracker, but it also allows users to set workout goals. Meet targets sooner by creating a tailored fitness program that is specifically for the persons gender and age.
  • Traffic Light Food Tracker: Take the hard work out of deciphering food nutrition with this easy to use app. Created by the Obesity Policy Coalition, users can easily decipher whether nutrients are good or bad by entering in details such as sugar, fat, saturated fat, and salt. This then gives either a red, amber or green light per 100g of the product.
  • Nike Training ClubWith access to over 60 different workout routines that were created by professionals and personal trainers, this app makes working out simple with the easy to follow images and videos. Customise the settings to create a workout tailored specifically to the user’s needs and fitness level.
  • Virtual Trainer (free)When you are ready to push your fitness levels that bit further, this is the application you want. Designed for medium to advanced fitness levels, Virtual Trainer can offer a range of workouts you won’t find anywhere else.
  • Gymboss Interval Timer (free)Get a variety of different workouts that can be performed from the comfort of home. This application is perfect for people who enjoy high-intensity training but get bored of completing the same exercises.
  • Lose ItThis app has everything for serious weight loss. Keep track of your weight-loss journey with this easy to use workout diary and food journal. It comes with an extensive food library to take the hassle out of keeping accurate records, and will even calculate how many calories you have eaten, how many have been burnt, and how many more you can eat that day.
  • GymGoal ABCThere isn’t much this app doesn’t do. Not only does it have over 52 different workouts and 280 animated exercises to complete, but it will also calculate how much body fat you’ve lost, BMI, BMR and target heart rate per workout. Select specific areas to work on, and GymGoal ABC will suggest appropriate exercises.
  • SportsetterThis is a subscription based app that allows users to discover what local options are available with exercise, nutrition, and stress relief. Sportsetter gives users access to local sporting and fitness events, gyms, personal trainers and much more.
  • Gym Pocket GuideThis app comes with a library full of exercises that are designed to target specific areas of the body. Select the preferred program – whether its muscle building, weight loss and just bulking up a bit – and the Gym Pocket Guide will provide you with a day-by-day weight training schedule to suit.

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