Polar Ignite 3 Fitness and Wellness Watch

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Product description

Polar Ignite 3 is a stylish fitness and wellness watch that helps you live a more energized life. It tracks your sleep, activity, and heart rate to provide guidance that’s tailored to your body and lifestyle.

Everyone is different but we all get the same 24 hours to make the most of each day. So what’s stopping you? It’s time to start living your life in tune with your body’s natural rhythm.

  • Holistic Sleep and Daily Aletrness Guide
  • High Resolution AMOLED Topuchscreen
  • On Demand Fitness Applications and Coaching
  • Accurate Herat Rate Tracking and Dual Frequency GPS
  • High Speed Processor and Long Battery Life
  • Customizeable Quick Access Widgets
  • Stylish Design for Active Lifestyles


It’s time to wake up. 

Open your eyes to a full analysis of your body’s recovery overnight and get your alertness forecast for the day ahead

Haptic Alarm

A gentle “Good morning.” Softly stirs you from your sleep without disturbing others.

Nightly Recharge™

Nightly Recharge™ is an automatic overnight recovery measurement that shows you how well you recover from the demands of your day. It helps you make the optimal choices in your everyday life to maintain overall well-being and reach your training or fitness goals.

Your Nightly Recharge™ status is based on two components: how you slept (Sleep Charge), and how well your autonomic nervous system calmed down during the early hours of your sleep (ANS Charge).


Learn how your sleep behavior affects your day’s energy and alertness levels. With SleepWise™, you get daytime alertness insights that help you perfect a bedtime routine so you can face your daily challenges sharp and ready.

By factoring in your sleep amount, quality, and your body’s internal circadian rhythm, SleepWise™ lets you know how the effects of sleep accumulate over time, making the impact of sleep debt and irregular sleep-wake rhythm visible.



Now that you're up...

Our bodies are most alert in the late morning to afternoon, and fresh air and sunshine can do wonders for a person. Take the opportunity to get out and get active.

Activity Target

Here's a goal you can achieve today. Every step and move you make counts...automatically.

24/7 Activity Tracking

Our bodies are designed to move, so staying active is essential for your overall health and well-being.

Polar watches promote active lifestyles by giving you a daily activity goal based on your personal data and activity level setting, then automatically tracking your activity throughout the day. If you’ve been inactive for too long, you’ll get a friendly reminder to get up and move. Your daily activity goal is shown as a circle that gradually fills until you reach your goal - get 100%.


Which level are you at?

It’s good to know where you’re starting from.

Fitness Test

VO2max is a key figure to illustrate your aerobic fitness - in other words, the better your aerobic fitness, the stronger and more efficient your heart is.

Fitness Test is a simple 5-minute fitness level assessment that can be performed lying down to estimate your VO2max without needing any other equipment. The automatic calculation takes into account your resting heart rate, heart rate variability, and your personal metrics: gender, age, height, weight, and training background.

Walking Test

Walking Test is an uncomplicated test that you can perform regularly to estimate your aerobic fitness level based on your VO2max.

Walk at a brisk pace for 15 minutes along a flat route and the automatic calculation will factor in the distance you walk, your heart rate during the test, and your personal metrics: gender, age, height, and weight.

Running Performance Test

Run at the right level.The Running Performance Test helps you personalize your heart rate, speed and power zones, so that you’ll always hit the optimal running pace.


We have some work to do.

Squeezing exercise into a busy schedule is difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. Early evening is actually a great time to train because your body is naturally primed for it.


FitSpark® personalized training guide offers daily, on-demand workouts that are easy to do, and match your recovery, fitness level, and training history.

Get new workout suggestions every day for cardio, strength, or mobility direct to your watch - all you have to do is pick the session you like and let your watch guide you through it.

Voice Guidance *

We can talk you through it. Get in-training audio feedback through Polar Flow with your headphones or phone speaker.

Over 150 of your favourite activities.

You can pick any sport or activity you like, when you like, and get the tools you need to track it.


Count your calories right.

Smart Calories

Check the total amount of calories you’ve burned so far.

Energy Sources

See how much of each energy source your body uses during training, broken down into fats, carbohydrates, and proteins for each session - illustrated as percentages of your total calorie consumption at the end of your session.

Seeing how much of each energy source you used during your session allows you to learn how different intensities affect your energy usage. You can also spot how the main energy source can change during a long session.


Now You Can Relax

Guided breathing to help you calm your mind, body and soul.


Relax your body and calm your mind with Serene™ guided breathing exercises.

Deep breathing is known to be an easy and efficient way to manage stress, build resilience and improve focus. Serene™ guides you to breathe at a slow, regular rhythm to synchronize your heart rate with your rate of breathing – six breaths per minute; which is the optimal breathing rate for shutting down your body's stress response.


Starting to feel tired? 

It’s your body’s way of saying you’ve done enough for the day. Switch off, wind-down, and get ready for bed. Your body will work on getting you ready for another big day.

Sleep Gate *

Your window of opportunity. Remember SleepWise? It also anticipates the optimal time for sleep.

Sleep Plus Stages™

Getting enough good-quality sleep is vital for your health and well-being. When you sleep, your body cycles through three sleep stages: light, deep, and REM.

Sleep Plus Stages™ automatically tracks the amount and quality of your sleep (Sleep Score), and lets you know how long you spent in each stage during the night.

Sleep tracking can help you understand your sleep behavior over the long-term, and also identify the factors in your day that may have a negative impact on your sleep.


Let's dream about your new watch.

See your own reflection on a beautifully clear, curved AMOLED touchscreen – with widgets you can customize.

Curved Lens

A beautiful, seamless experience.

Hi-Res AMOLED Display

For sharper, crisper vivid colors.

Gorilla Glass 3.0 Touchscreen

Extremely tough, but very sensitive.


Focus on what's important.

Customize your views to have the data you need and want ready at your fingertips.


Precision Prime™ OHR Technology - Your heart never lies.

10 LEDs across a range of wavelengths for deeper light penetration and 4 light detectors to pick up the light returning through your vessels – it’s more than accurate, this is precision.


Long-Life Battery Charges in minutes. Lasts for days. 

  • Up to 100 hours training time in power-save mode.
  • Up to 30 hours training time with full GPS and HR Tracking.
  • Up to 5 days on a single charge in watch mode.


High-Speed CPU Complex data made simple, quickly.

For a smoother, more powerful UI experience and performance.

  • 2x faster processing* 
  • 7x increase internal RAM*

*compared to Polar Ignite 2


Dual-Frequency GPS Find yourself wherever you are.

More accurate with less interference from tall buildings and bad weather.

  • 2 x reduction in average position error.


Designed for early birds, and night owls

With four gorgeous finishes and a selection of changeable wristbands, this is a watch that looks good anytime, anywhere, and on any body.


Compatible Apps

Pick a partner. Connect Polar Ignite 3 with your favorite fitness apps.


Polar Flow

It's more than a watch. Set your goals, plan your workouts, and track your progress with all of the data from your body synced automatically.


Tech specs


  • Width: 43 mm 
  • Height: 43 mm 
  • Thickness: 9.5 mm



  • Total weight: 35 g 
  • Total weight without wristband: 21 g


  • Display type: AMOLED
  • Display size: 1.28 Inch
  • Display resolution: 416 × 416
  • Touch screen: Yes
  • Always on display: No
  • Ambient light sensor: Yes


  • CPU speed: 192 MHz
  • Memory: 5 MB
  • Storage: 32 MB
  • Recording mode: No



  • Case material: Plastic
  • Screen material: Gorilla Glass
  • Bezel material: Stainless steel


Geo location

  • GPS: Yes
  • Glonass: Yes
  • Galileo: Yes
  • QZSS: No
  • Assisted GPS: Yes
  • Assisted Glonass: Yes
  • Assisted Galieo: Yes
  • Assisted QZSS: No
  • Connected GPS: No



  • Bluetooth version: 5.1
  • USB cable: Propriatery / USB-A



  • Operation temperature min: -10 °C:
  • Operation temperature max: 50 °C:
  • Water resistance: WR30
  • Tested against military standards: No



  • Precision Prime™: Yes
  • Barometer: No
  • Magnetometer compass: No
  • Accelerometer: Yes



  • Battery capacity: 215 mAh
  • Battery type: Li-Pol
  • Battery rechargeable: Yes
  • Battery life training mode, up to: 30 h:
  • Battery life watch mode, up to: 120 h:
  • Battery life with power save training mode, up to: 100 h:



  • Stop watch: Yes
  • Speed pace: Yes
  • Countdown timer: Yes
  • Interval timers: Yes
  • Manual laps: Yes
  • Automatic laps: Yes
  • Autostart stop: Yes
  • Vibration alerts: Yes
  • Alarm: Yes
  • Clock: Yes
  • Backlight: Yes
  • Front led light: No
  • Date and weekday: Yes
  • Time of the day: Yes
  • Button lock: Yes
  • Updateable firmware: Yes




  • HR Sensor Mode. Share your heart rate with training apps, gym equipment or cycling computers. All you have to do is choose a sport profile on your watch to start training, sync to a compatible device, and see your live heart rate displayed on both your watch, and the equipment you are training with.


Outdoors & Navigation

  • Global Navigation Satellite Systems The built-in GPS works together with GLONASS and Galileo global navigation satellite systems, and QZSS regional navigation satellite system for East Asia and Oceania to provide accurate speed, distance, and route data anywhere on the planet.
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  • Precision Prime™
  • Ultra-Long Battery Life


Sleep & Wellness

  • Sleep
  • Nightly Recharge™
  • Sleep Plus Stages™
  • Breathing
  • Serene™


Training & Recovery

  • Training Load Pro™
  • Energy Sources
  • FitSpark®
  • FuelWise™
  • Weekly Summary
  • Swimming Metrics
  • Running Program
  • Step Count
  • Season Planner
  • Training Targets



  • Smart Features
  • Polar Flow
  • Music Controls Navigate around your playlist and adjust the volume straight on your watch. Your Polar watch connects to the music app on your phone, so you can easily control your music without having to take out your phone.



  • 24/7 Activity Tracking


In the Box

  • Polar Ignite 3
  • Polar Charger 2.0
  • Manual



  • This is a genuine Polar product and comes with Polar Australia's Two-Year Consumer Products Limited International Warranty.


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